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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Thing 5- Voicethread

I really couldn't choose just one Voicethread to share! The first one I chose is called Learning Languages. Kids tell how to say basic phrases in their own native language- it's really cool to listen to! Kids also came up with the pictures themselves, which is always fun to see.

The second one is about poetry. The teacher has each of her students share a poem that he or she wrote. I love this for several reasons: 1) the student publishes the poem to a wide audience 2) the student gets to publish it in his own voice! 3) the student gets to use an image that correlates to her poem 4) others can comment on the poem, providing instant feedback 5) it's practical!- this would be a simple project to undertake. It would offer a place to keep all the poems, too, without having copy/print poetry books for every student.

The third voicethread example I chose is completely narrated by a younger student. It's always exciting when a student wants to rave about a book! He even compares the book to the movie, very impressive. Plus, it lets other students know there's kids out there reading the same books they are and gives them a place to discuss the books.

I could see myself trying out Voicethread this school year because I do feel it would be easy and that the students would get a lot out of it. I could copy the poetry idea, use it as a book review, or use it for language practice. How could other subjects use it? Digital photography could critique each other's photos, it could be a forum for discussing math problems (as was pointed out), art classes could discuss art, kids/teachers could publish science experiments, coaches could use it to review past games....go to Voicethread for more ideas!

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