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Friday, April 2, 2010

Thing 21

I have used videos in my room before, and I'm glad I've learned how to still be able to use YouTube videos without the school filter preventing showing it. Earlier this year,I tried to embed a soccer video on my blog, but when I went to show it to my class, the school filter still blocked it. It was a YouTube video.

Videos are useful for generating interest and bringing humor into the classroom as with One Semester of Spanish Spanish Love Song. They bring people and places of the world into the classroom. I love having audio or video of authors reading their own works- putting a face to an author's voice is a great way to bring that person to life to the students.

I did have trouble with some of the videos I tried to upload. I was successful in converting the videos using Zamzar and Benderconverter, but once they were saved to my computer and I tried to upload them onto a blog post, it wouldn't work. Also, how do I make the videos smaller? They look giant on the blog page.

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