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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Thing 12

Flickr would be helpful for finding photos relevant to material being taught to add to Power Point notes in a foreign language classroom. There are a ton of recent travel photos I could use- perhaps more updated than those in our textbook. I could also see my Spanish students using Flickr to find photos for an upcoming assignment (they will be pretending to be travel agents selling a travel package to a specific city or group of cities in Spanish-speaking countries). They will need several photos for their presentations and brochures. Perhaps I could even limit them to using only Flickr to teach them how to cite photos. This might make things easier. A concern, of course, would be the students stumbling across inappropriate photos...especially travel photos.

I already use images as writing prompts in English class. I could start to look for images on Flickr and group them together for future use.

We have a digital photography class at Bedford, and I know the teacher has his students publish photos on Flickr. I could always ask him for more ideas about how to use Flickr and how to solve problems.

Another idea is that I could publish photos from my personal travels to share with my students. It might be easier having them all on one website and just uploading them to Flickr rather than copy/paste into Power Point.


  1. Let me find and share a link that I seem to remember coming across that will automatically generate a Flickr citation. Unless you want the students to do it the "old school" way?

    So many high quality photos of places all around the world! I was really excited when someone asked to use a couple of my photos, so I'm sure your students would see the power of collaborating in this way.

  2. In terms of citation, the kids have the tools at their fingertips. I don't mind if they use citationmachine or other citation-generating websites (as long as I've approved them!). At first it bothered me, but I've grown to realize that they're never going to be quizzed in college on how to do a citation the old way. They need to know how to use resources that are available to them.

    I agree that students would be flattered if someone wanted to use their photos. Just this year a teacher purchased a pinata for her daughter (who's going through chemo) that two of my students made. They were thrilled!