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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Thing 9

Slide Share would be useful for uploading Power Point notes. Students could access notes at home this way if they are absent. Rather than direct them to Slide Share, I would consider having them view the notes via blogger or another site in case they have trouble finding the right presentation at home.

I think I would use Slide Share the same way I use Teacher Tube- to look up relevant videos for my classes. Unlike Teacher Tube, you are sharing among various professions from around the world, not just educators. This could have its advantages and/or disadvantages. To explain, an advantage might be having access to first-hand, expert information on a specific topic such as Argentinian cuisine or the current economy of Thailand; information of which textbooks maybe skim the surface. This is also information that most teachers wouldn't upload to teachertube.

I think this would be one way students could share their Power Points with the world. As a representative of my students, I would have to make sure they've cited any outside sources that they have used. As an English teacher, I would feel responsible for students who didn't cite material. What if the writer of an article saw his/her exact sentence/photo on one of my student's presentations? That could be one big issue- copyright.

I love the idea of the kids being able to publish their work. It becomes more meaningful to them when they know they'll be sharing it online instead of just in front of their peers or with the teacher. Perhaps this could increase the quality of their finished products. Furthermore, parents could be able to see projects their sons/daughters have been working on.

La tortilla espanola I embedded because this is my favorite Spanish food to make at home! We'll be doing a food project in Spanish this year. I always heat up the ingredients on a frying pan; I've never microwaved it...maybe that could be easier...

Las posadas is a Power Point I recently made. It briefly explains one Mexican Christmas tradition. I'll admit, I'm a bit nervous about how well I did on the Works Cited page because I used several images online.


  1. I just love being able to "embed" a PowerPoint on my own blog, or wiki. That way students see exactly the PowerPoint you want them to, not one with a similar title of lesser quality. Would it be possible for you to create your Spanish class blog entirely (or almost entirely) in Spanish? And for your students to leave comments in Spanish?

  2. I just embedded another PowerPoint I plan on using for tomorrow's class! I think it would be possible to create a Spanish class blog almost entirely in Spanish. This year I'm only teaching level 1. In the first trimester, that would be intimidating and maybe too difficult for the students, but by the second term it shouldn't be a problem. I already have them writing journals twice a week and they're doing very well with those. (better than I expected). I think it would be very possible for them to start writing their journals on a blog. They should be able to leave comments that convey basic ideas. Thanks for the idea!